Stratega is an Italian Start up focused on information extraction. It was born in Naples in 2014.

Considering that most data are textual data, our computer scientists are NLP specialists. Young, passionate and highly qualified, they make the most of scientific conferences and researches to stay current with changes and trends in the field of computational linguistics and text mining that are developing more and more efficient computational models capable to simulate and comprehend natural languages.

Stratega started its adventure developing ABAR.

ABAR software ecosystem is a management consulting model built to improve business competitiveness that, nowadays, needs advance tools for data extraction, analysis and visualization.

Companies that use big data analytics stay ahead of the curve due to the advantage they have.

ABAR information system consists of both methodological and technological components. ABAR is also a process of business growth subdivided in 3 subprocesses: isolation and identification of issue; actions to solve problems; optimization of the new, ongoing activities.




ABAR is a decision support system methodology, based on Soft System Methodology. It has three steps.

The very first part of our methodology is called “assessment”: it’s the first meeting with client to define problem in all its richness and complexity.

Our experts find the most suitable solution, or “best action”, to solve the problem in the second step. At the end, during the third step called “reengineering”, solution is tested by the customer to evaluate its efficiency and performance.



Sinapsi is a project Stratega is working on with Gap, leader in content management system. 

Sinapsi is a web content management system that can describe, manage and organize every kind of documentation. Digitalization is one stage of an extensive procedure to mine and manage information stored in archives and databases. Then, digitalized documentation and/or pertaining metadata are analysed. The result of the above mentioned analysis is a categorization/classification of client documents.

Sinapsi provides a comprehensive overview of company environment such as employees profiles, projects or tax documents.

In order to offer a simple, elegant and exhaustive data visualization it also has different templates, forms and procedural constraints. Graph structures make relationships notably intuitive and specifically arranged for semantic queries.

Sinapsi is a software designed to support companies, organizations, institutions, associations or foundations archives that collect records that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on grounds of their value.



Aiper is a project Stratega is working on with Thinkknow, Italian company for software and consulting.

Aiper is an ontological and semantic software.

It is a response to huge market demand for advance data management system designed to mine, analyse and visualize daily data deluge; it is an indispensable toll to satisfy those companies that want to boost their business competitiveness through big data analytics.

Big data management solutions and computational linguistics knowledge merged in Aiper, that, consequently, can comprehend some aspects of natural language but also ensures timely responses, essential in decision making.

Our software is able to mine, analyse, and graphically visualize data. Aiper not only sorts data by relevance according to the topic of search query, but it can also automatically pick up key entities and link them to related documents.

 Aiper is a software designed to support banks, assurance companies, healthcare industry and foundations that need to retrieve entities, documents, information, timeline from a set of selected remote sources.

Fundamental part of Aiper is Aiper Visio, Aiper data visualization system, born to grant a better visualization of results based on customer records.




ABAR SSM Oriented

ABAR SSM Oriented is the implementation of SSM steps to acquire and assess data. Once ABAR SSM Oriented has received data as input by the team it can build conceptual models of the ongoing mechanism, in order to identify troubled and problematic phases of the process. ABAR SSM Oriented will also be able to automatically detect the best solution for the problem.


Aiper RTDM

Aiper RTDM is an additional component of Aiper system. We aim to provide our software with another function that is real time data monitoring, necessary to data management. In few words, Aiper RTDM will always be updating data and, consequently, best actions derived from data.



Our engineers and computer scientists are also working to program a chat bot to improve customer experience. Users may quickly query database interacting with a sophisticated form of artificial intelligent equipped with natural language comprehension system.


Architettura SINAPSI

We have just start working on a new project to update Sinapsi in order to exploit the great potentiality of the latest available technology such as Java 8, Wildfly and Vaadin 7. Further updating consists of Sinapsi integration with Hadoop based systems. All these changes will produce a much more scalable and distributed system; the user experience itself will take advantages from Sinapsi updating because of a much more flexibility in data transfer and visualization.


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